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What it says! 3D printers and how to get the best from them
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My 3D

Post by astecme » Sun Sep 09, 2018 8:13 pm

I started out by buying a prussa I3 chlone, It worked fine but did not have a heated bed and lacked some flexibility and very difficult to upgrde at that point with my experience.

I decided eventually to go for a kit and build my own and chose the Tevo Black Widow. Tevo had a few problems with the quality of some of their third party parts but mine was great. I learned a lot from the build not least because I bought it with a BL touch sensor and it came with that firmware BUT to fit the BLT ( BL Touch) you needed a bracket which you had to print. So first job was to downgrade the firmware to non blt, second was to roughly calibrate ( printing a 20mm cube, measuring then setting the steps per mm) at this point you had to do that and mod the firmware using arduino compiler (another learning curve). However it was all done and I was happily using Blue tape on a glass sheet on the bed but the bottom of the prints come out with bobbles on from the tape. So now I am using hairspray and that was another learning experience.

Anyway we are where we are. I have added a few things since then - strengthening brackets, changed the drivers, replaced belts etc. I am happy now!
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Re: My 3D

Post by NimrifRC » Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:45 am

Sounds like you are having as much fun as I am with the 3D printers, I went a different route but have done, design and loads of personal upgrades as well as standard ones.
Since using it my is on go almost 24/7, still stuck looking for certain files to print but getting there.

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