The club was invited to attend the regular Apex Lake playday which is part of a countrywide playday scheme, which, I am led to believe takes place on the first Wednesday of August.  The Apex Lake playday is reportedly the largest in the country! This year it was August 1st.


Barrie Stevens did the co-ordination for us so very many thanks to him. This is a huge event designed to allow children to see and/or take part in a number of activities and hopefully generate some interest from them. Last year the children were counted through the two entrance points and there were over 7000. This year was expected to be larger and there were more stands we were stand 54 with police and fire beyond us so I think 56 stands.


There were a few obstacles to Overcome as Robs Transport suffered a problem which meant the trailer could not be towed back to Bristol. A small amount of track was offloaded and Barrie Stevens brought it back and delivered to Apex. Barrie, Rob, John, Jon Warren and myself duly arrived some with with family members. Special Thanks to Kieran as he drove several vehicles and visibly demonstrated that this was not just for adults. 

It was a really really hot day and safe to say that we were all shattered by the time we packed up at 15:30 ish.

Hopefully we can do this again and be a bit better prepared with club inf and a banner (Robs super SWRCT stand up banner kept blowing over ).


Thanks to Warren for pics which are now in the Gallery