As most will know after almost 14 years at shireway our time has come to an end through no fault of our own, so the hunt started for a new venue & thanks to Stu for for making the call to Cleve R.F.C which we visited today(14/8/2018) with Rob.
We have decided to try some runs with this venue the address is as follows


Cleve R.F.C, the Hayfields,Cossham street,Mangotsfield,,Bristol BS16 9EN.


the following dates will be at this new venue whilst still using our old times of 9am to 5pm.
sept 30th 2018
oct 28th 2018
nov 25th 2018
dec 16th 2018 [Christmas Meet]

Sadly with the new venue comes some slightly increased entrance fee,s to cover the double cost of hire from previous years. new rates will be.
adult drivers £8
junior under 12 £5
spectators all ages £2

the monies must be payed to Sulena at the desk on arrival "please do not leave it until later in the day" . The

area around Sulena's desk must be kept clear at all times & doorways must not be blocked in keeping with fire regulations. There is a smoking area provided outside the main entrance with a wall mounted ashtray which must be used at all times. Please make sure that the doors are closed behind you to prevent smoke entering the hall.

Children & younger members must be supervised at all times by their parents & or guardians & must never be left in the hall with other members this is part of our duty of care. No children should be left to play on or in close proximity to the layout unless they are driving.

Set up & take down of layout,children are not required to help with either of the aforementioned tasks as this can lead to some H/S issues so sadly it's down to the grown ups! once again..
hot food will be available on site from Sept if any members are interested.

May we take the time to say that we are & will be most humbled by your continued support,,with some hope of the continuation of these great little RC truck meets.

Many thanks Sulena , Mat , Rob.