The Bristol model engineering and model making exhibition is the last of our outside events for this year. This is a 3 day show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the set up on Thursday. A number of our members were there for all four days whilst some did only 1 and a mix of inbetweens. Set up is always a bit of a nightmare and we do want to offer something different so we try things and get there in the end. Notably no bridge this year and its a revelation on how much room it takes up. We still have to satisfy peoples needs and do something that the public will like!



Day one ( Friday) we had more people of the layout, the exhibition was very busy and you needed to get your elbows out in some places. Day two was a little quieter and day three I think quieter still. The overall footfall seemed to be down but I think we had a bit more interest round the stand. The impromptu crash response went down really well with Fire command, fire engines, police and ambulance in attendance. The Large crane was a source of comments and the small excavators were well used and watched. as were the large ones.

We had several vehicles on display on the tables and there was a lot of interest, especially in the lego.



A huge thanks to those that helped set up and all those that stayed after and helped break down. I believe it was stored away in record time...



Thanks to Teri for starting the gallery offering and providing most of the pictures, you can upload yours to the album if you are registered there - Gallery pictures.

Lastly a short video of the accident and recovery compiled by Teri is available on the forum or on youtube The incident