Well what can we say! This was the second year for Devon Truck Show, Held at Smeatharpe Stadium, in the Blackdown Hills to the South West of Taunton. Last year there was just over 300 full scale trucks at the show, this year there was an amazing 680! The promoters provided us with a 21m x 9m marquee, with a floor and we pretty much maxed out with the layout.

It is always ‘interesting’ to see what we end up with, starting with a big empty space and a trailer full of layout parts, we never really know what the final layout will look like until it is finished.


This year we dusted off some of our bigger exhibits, like the long bridge, last seen around 4 years ago at the SMMEE exhibition at Shepton Mallet. This was to form the focal point of this years layout running pretty much three quarters of the length of the marquee. Also thanks to Barry Vincent the Mountain Road made a welcome return, occupying one end of marquee, and forming the backdrop for the excavators, expertly controlled by Barrie Stevens and Lee Shephard.

We also had all three of our warehouses on the layout, the workshop, farm, including a small area of potting compost for the tractors to look at home on. The layout was completed with some of our smaller buildings, and of course The Dogg Inn, or is it The Truckers Rest, I can never remember.

Over the weekend we had 40+ members at the show, running trucks, which kept it ‘fresh’ and entertaining for truckers and the public alike. Scott joined us on Sunday with the Liebherr crane, which certainly got some positive comments from our audience, albeit not displayed to its maximum height as the marquee was not high enough.

Overall, it was a great weekend, both from the enjoyment of our display, the quality of the real trucks at the show, and the entertainment provided over the weekend, including Banger racing, well stocked beer tent, and music!

You may have seen elsewhere on Facebook, we proudly made a donation of £100 to the Single Yellow Rose charity, which does great work supporting the bereaved parents and siblings of stillborn babies in the South West during the show.

I would also like to thank all the members that took part over the weekend, or simply came to visit the show and support us. As always a huge thank you to Rob Briggs, our Head of Logistics, without whom, our presence at these shows would be extremely challenging, a huge thank you to Barry Vincent, for bringing the Mountain Road, and patiently assembling it (without instructions) and disassembling it at the end. Thanks to Barrie and Jackie Stevens for assembling the farm fencing and herding the animals to their rightful places, and thanks to all the other members who helped with set up and tear down.

So roll on Devon Truck Show 2020, we have already asked for a bigger marquee, so next year’s SWRCT Display can be bigger and better. Our next public event will be Cornwall Truck Show on 21st/22nd July at Stithians showground, our 9th year in attendance, not such a big show as Devon, but great fun all the same. Paul