Submitting an article for Publication


It is relatively simple to submit an article for publication via the user interface of the RHS of the main screen. You will be able to do this if you have been given the correct right and a user name and password. Log in via the form on the RHS.


pic 1

Once you are logged in a User menu will appear. It will contain only those items that you have been set up to do. This is an example of the full menu.

To submit an article click on the "SUBMIT" button and the article menus will appear.

Fill in the title, the Alias can be left blank as it can auto generate.

You can add pictures by clicking the mountain item on the top row, This will enable you to insert a link to the picture which must be hosted on the Net. You should insert Image description and Image title as well. You can add a whole wedge of images - no limit.


The Image item on the bottom row will allow you to insert images already loaded to the system. When you are done click on the Publishing Tab and choose a category from the Category drop down. e.g. News, Diary etc. Insert some tags, fill in the oter fields.


There is now an images tab on the article submission page, click on that and you can upload images. The first image will by default be the header image, if you wish to place this withing the article then in the tex place this - this will take the first picture you can follow it with a space and an image number in order to embed images at a specific location.

and click save at the bottom


Click the Metadata tab and fill in those fields - this allows search engines to better classify the info (SEO)

and click save at the bottom

Click on the I am not a robot and follow the instructions. then click save. and the following screen will appear.


Once you log out the edit fields will disappear.



If you wish to become a contributor please ask the team.